my passion

Aku tersangat2 minat dgn interior design.. thats why rumahku yang kiut miut ni dah makin kiut coz barang banyak sgt and i have no idea where to store all those furnitures, home accessories and etc.. nak tunggu rumah baru, lagi 1 thn lebih baru nak siap.. so now, while planning the design for my new home next year, i'm also looking into improvising the design of my current home... what i just changed is the hiasan kat atas TV tu.. used to be a place where i put all our photo frames but now i have removed them and replaced with BOOKS!.. well, believe it or not, books can be the most stylish home accessories, you don't have to buy all the expensive things... you can just use books and tadaaa! it looked nice also..
I also like the idea of having a space for me to use my lappy and at the same time watching Faris & Sofea playing at the living area.. and at the same time reaching for my books after i'm done blogging! (anyway.. semua ni pun sebab rumah ku tersangat comel.. pastu adik2 ipar tinggal sekali, tambah lagi dgn bibik sekali so dah takde space nak jadikan home office.. huhuhu.. tunggu umah baru la nampak gayanya..)

One more Tips: Tak payah meja mahal2 or besar2 sgt.. aku guna meja lama, covered dgn alas meja yg labuh and there you are.. looked so sweet kan?? underneath the desk aku letak budak2 punya toys.. see, it can be a very good storage idea!

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