The Colour of the Year.. - decided by the colour expert, Pantone

Since I have just talked about the colour for 2012, lets go back to the previous years and see what were the colours for 2006 until 2011.. perhaps we can use this as guidance and avoid all these outdated colours.. at least someone fashionable won't say this to you "urghh.. that colour is so 2006" hahaha...

The Colour of 2011

The Colour of 2010

The Colour of 2009

The Colour of 2008

The Colour of 2007

The Colour of 2006


The Colour for 2012

Every year mesti ada theme colour set by a group of mat saleh in US.. this year diorang set kan tema kaler untuk 2012 is TANGERINE TANGO!
Nak tau camne rupa tangerine tango? haaa.. tengok contoh2 kat bawah.. leh la nak buat tema baju Raya tahun 2012 kan? ahaks!