Jalan-jalan Tengok Rumah - Nadayu

Nadayu.. what more can I say? it is nice!

the only turn off is the area.. please check it out, perhaps you will like it?

Personal Story

Hari ni aku nak terkeluar dari topik kejap. I had big fight with my husband but it ended before the day ends.. I'm sure ramai couple yang pernah bergaduh especially husband and wife tapi aku tak sure if some wives are like me..

Have to admit that I'm not really a good wife. Aku belajar agama, aku tau hukum isteri yang buat suami marah, tak dengar kata suami and etc.. but sometimes panas baran aku teruk sangat and how i disrespect my husband sampai at one point aku buat dekk je bila my husband duk marah2 aku..

Is it because my ego is too high? is it because i think i'm so high above my husband just because i'm the boss at the office.. yeah i know people said husband is always the boss at home no matter what.. or

Is it because i was so used to be on my own, too independent, feel too strong because before i met my husband i was an independent woman? (like Destiny's Child song hehe)

Maybe.. but then again, i should think about dosa and that syurga itu di telapak kaki suami dan redha Allah ada pada suami.. semoga aku boleh berubah and tak lagi jadi isteri yang melampau lampau egonya..