Camne nak combine 2 blogs jadi satu?

Semalam aku cari tips nak combine blogs into one blog without creating new entries and change the dates... its a very very useful tips coz aku try sekali je terus jadik! yeehaa..

Follow this link or baca je extract kat bawah:

Follow these steps to copy all posts from one blog to another:

1 Log in to Blogger.

2 Go to the Settings / Basics tab.

3 Click on Export Blog.

3 Your computer will download a file. For Windows users, it will probably be put in the My Documents / Downloads file. Or system may use another place, or may ask you where to put it. Whatever happens, you will need to know where this file is saved to.

4 Open the blog that you want to move the posts to
(You may need to log out and in again, or perhaps just switch to different browser or tab)

5 Delete (using Posting / Edit Posts) any Posts that are already in the destination blow Posts but which you don't want in the refreshed blog.

6 Go to Settings / Basics again. This time, click Import Blog. When the box opens, choose the exported file that you made in step 2/3, and enter the security-text.

7 Choose whether or not to automatically publish all imported posts. Only tick the box if you DO want the posts automatically imported. If you dont tick it, the posts will be loaded, but be Draft, so won't be visible by readers until you publish them.

8 Click Import Blog.

9 Check that the import worked successfully, by looking at the blog, and also at the list of posts under Edit Posts: are the right number of posts there, do they have the right labels etc.
Note: if you accidentally try to import posts into the same blog that you exported them from, Blogger will not import any posts, and give you an error message. If you do want to do this (eg to create a duplicate set of posts), then do the export, change some small detail of the original posts title or date/time, and then do the import.

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