cubaan menghabiskan 3 buku

Cubaan ke apa tak tau laa.. since ada 2 org anak ni macam payah sikit nak habiskan even 1 book per month! masa home rest before deliverkan si Sofea tu okla.. now both of them nak attention and I only have weekends to do everything, major laundry, major kemas rumah, jalan2, shopping, grocery shopping, bertanya kabar ahli keluarga, spend time with Faris & Sofea.. goshhh... 24hrs a day mmg tak cukup bagi aku... (how can i manage to blogging? hehe.. can't you see my entry that says "it has been 3 years since i last blogging"...) being a Working Mama memang busy like a bee!

Anyway, I still managed to grab 3 books today from Kinokuniya and I found these books are interesting...

Buku yang pertama, ala.. from the title itself pun dah boleh agak kan? Yup.. this book is trying to keep all parents calm and not to worry too much when it comes to child's development.. Einstein pun tak guna all this flash cards or hi-tech toys to be such a brainy man.. yeah.. i can't stand people bragging about their kids.. anak tak cakap pelat pun macam it is such an achievement.. rasa mcm nak tanya 'well.. nape tak hantar je anak u yg umur 3 tahun tu masuk kolej kalau bijak sangat!'.. bragging je takpela, siap nak compare dgn anak kita

Buku 2... about a Palestinian girl in Australia starting to wear tudung.. i'll try to give some review if i can manage to finish this book before May!

Buku 3.. from Danielle Steele.. baca synopsis macam best.. again, tunggu reviewla.. huhu..

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