Jalan-jalan Tengok Rumah - Bayan Villa

We did an impromptu visit to Bayan Villa, Bukit Ikhlas showhouse today. Just nak tengok2 how does it look like since we knew about this housing project, 3 years ago. The entrance is a bit disappointing coz its too far from the main road. But the layout of the building is nice. I said the building only coz I don't really like the narrow road and the parking spaces. Macam tin sardin je or at my office, its called 'buddy parking' as the cars will block each other and I don't know, maybe you need to pre-warn your neighbour or need to make pre-arrangement or what for the parking.

However.. I do like the design of the showhouse for Duplex and 3+1 Condo.. very nice.. salute to the Interior Designer for the marvellous design.. i really2 like it. Maybe I'm not gonna buy the house coz its a bit way over my budget but, at least we can 'copy' the ideas..

So far dah banyak show house yang kitaorg survey, I would say this is the best design so far.. susahla kan nak cakap sebab takde gambar and takleh ambik gambar. Just read my description je la and I will try find some examples from pakcik Google kalau2 ada yg sama.

Yang kat atas ni, floor plan untuk Duplex, quite similar to a double-storey terrace house, ruang bawah kecik sikit tapi atas agak luas. Aku suka layout dia coz kedudukan bilik, ruang2, bathroom tak macam biasa (selalu rumah teres straight je..), yang ni ada hallway from one room to the other.

Bahagian courtyard tu ngadap garden and a very nice long fish pond (gambar 2).. memang nampak very soothing and relax..

Kat bahagian master bedroom of the showhouse, diorang knocked down the wall in between the study area dan buatkan bilik tu nampak besar gile. Diorang just letak divider kayu to separate the bed and study area.. mmg cantik.

Paling menariknya.. diorang guna banyak elemen kaca to bring lights into the house. Even the wall+wardrobe kat bilik air master bedroom is made of transparent glass.. memang cun! like it so much.

Another thing yang aku suka about the design (this one for '3+1 Bedroom' punya unit) is the small pantry yang diorang bina kat bahagian alcove dapur tu.. very nice! ( i wish i had the photo of the pantry!)

Sangat2 happy balik dari Bayan Villa coz I have tonnes of ideas for my new home now.. hehehe

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