full body check-up

Hari sabtu dulu me and hubby did a full body check up at a clinic that don't have too many patients. the process took about 1-2 hours so if you wanna do check up, its best to choose clinics with less patients. "Why not Pathlab or anything similar? why i chose clinic?"
Its because doctors are available in clinics, not in labs and we can get detail explanation and advices directly from doctors.

The doctor did ask me and my hubby why we suddenly wanted to do this because normally people will do full body check up if there's something came up. Well... like any other 'budak-budak' zaman sekarang.. we always eat during midnight and sometimes after midnight, especially near to our sleeping time which is very very bad for our health so sendiri mau ingatla kan... kena la check our health once in a while to ensure we don't suddenly get critical diseases or suddenly kena heart attack.

Me and hubby siap compare lagi sape punya kolesterol lagi tinggi, sape punya gula lagi tinggi.. hahaha.. but that is to encourage ourselves to go on diet. so, lets take care of our health now before its too late...

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