Jalan-jalan Tengok Rumah - Single Storey Semi D in Semenyih

Aku memang suka jalan2 tengok rumah sejak azali lagi, tapi my hubby was not like that and he always gave me one weird look if I told him I want to check out newly built houses during weekend joyrides.. Paling teruk is when I was carrying my first baby back in 2006, macam dah jadi satu benda yang aku ngidam! yes.. i know mmg pelikss.. aku ngidam nak jln2 tgk rumah org.. especially kawasan rumah baru2..

Yang paling best, now my hubby pun dah start suka giler jln2 tgk rumah since we just bought a new semi detached in Kajang Selatan.. FINALLY!! both me and hubby are sharing the same interest!

Somewhere in end of April, we went to Semenyih and we saw single storey semi Ds that were just launched. The layout of the house is not that bad.. its quite spacious for a single storey and the yard is quite big too especially for corner lot. Intermediate lot is also nice and I would say the yard is ok, not so big and not so small..

Check out the photos (i quietly snapped.. shhh...) and you decide for yourselves.. enjoy!

The 3 photos above were taken from the 2nd show house, without furniture whilst below are the photos taken from the main showhouse.. (sorry for the quality of the photos.. i used my iPod! gara2 takut org marah hehe)

(love the shoe prints of the above roman blind.. so cute!)

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