ki dalam kenangan...

believe it or not, on the day Ki admitted to hospital due to stroke, i was looking at these pics and at that time i had a sad feeling when looking at his pic - in the evening, when i got the sms from Kak Gha about Ki, i remembered i was just thinking about Ki in the morning!

Apih said he dreamt someone admitted to hospital a week b4 Ki had stroke, but he was not sure who was it in the dream..

RAYA 2008
masa ni wan and ki commented "ramai sungguh org mari umah wan tahun ni, dok putus-putus dari pagi takdi"

when ki admitted to hospital due to stroke, we realized what happened on hari Raya was actually a sign that someone from that house will leave us soon...

(Allah menjemput Ki pada 21/01/09)

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